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Embroidered Polo Shirts

A polo shirt is a tee shirt with collars, and a tastefully embroidered polo shirt has greater appeal. The polo shirt collars are often button down.

The golf shirt stemmed as a tennis shirt, to change the earlier troublesome tennis wear. Its innovator of this new tennis shirt, tennis champion Lacoste, put the crocodile symbol on these shirts since he was frequently called 'the alligator' in the tennis circuit.

How this tennis shirt became the polo shirt is an interesting story. Polo gamers quickly adopted it, replacing their earlier long-sleeved wear, this fact alone might not have led to the fame of the polo shirt. It was when Ralph Lauren's embroidered golf shirt (with the horse-borne polo player symbol) ended up being immensely popular that the erstwhile tennis shirt all but became the 'golf shirt'.

Golf players also adopted the shirt as their own, often with golf cuts to make them real golf shirts. It is basic wear for golf players now.

So the tennis shirt did not just end up being a golf shirt; it became a de-facto sports t-shirt, by whatever name it was called.

The Status of the Embroidered Polo


The polo shirt went into day-to-day lives quickly and has actually ended up being a basic item of clothes used by both males and females these days. It is even worn to workplaces that accept less formal wear however are not prepared to accept t-shirts yet.

A golf shirt can be found in various styles, with the horizontal striped design being a popular one. The t-shirts can be found in various colors, with or without a pocket, in guys' and women's designs, made from knitted cotton, poly-cotton or yarn, light or heavy, and so on.

Embroidered polo shirts with a cool little symbol on the breast add a cool touch. The emblem is generally tailored to specific styles or requirements, such as golf trips, corporate occasions, company branding, and even a stag weekend.

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    Polos Are Great For The Office Too

    The embroidered golf shirt began as a tennis shirt, with the Lacoste's popular crocodile symbol on the left breast. Created as an alternative to the uncomfortable tennis wear, it was quickly embraced by other sports such as polo and golf. The tennis shirt had ended up being a de facto sports shirt, with the name polo shirt stuck to it.

    These days, both embroidered and plain golf shirts are used in non-sports environments, consisting of offices that accept some informality. A tasteful little emblem includes a touch of class to the polo shirt, which can be found in many styles.

    Beyond Polos

    While polos are the most popular shirts to be embroidered. Button-down shirts are also great to embroider, they provide a more professional yet still relaxed appearance. While T-shirts are typically screen-printed, they can also be paired with embroidery too.

    Baseball & trucker hats look fantastic when embroidered. They promote your brand very well. We can also embroider names and player numbers too. 

    Duffle bags are also popular for embroidery. Whether it is for your business, organization, school, or sports team. It is another great way to promote your brand.



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